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What is E-dinar Coin Gold

Edinarcoin Gold (EDRG) is a Cryptocurrency created by Mr. Inhul Hadi with a team in the Indragiri E-Dinarcoin Community, through technology in the EDC Blockchain. EDC Blockchain is a platform that can be used to create cryptocurrency using bitshares 2.0 Graphene Protocol technology that makes it has high transaction speeds, low transaction costs, and secure.

EDC Blockchain is an extraordinary metamorphosis created by edinarcoin (EDC) developers. Edinarcoin, launched in 2015, has experienced ups and downs in the development of the cryptocurrency system. Experienced changes and improvements from time to time and prove this coin is resilient and unshakable in the world of cryptocurrency. Until finally the changes in 2019 had an extraordinary impact for all edinarcoin members in the world including in the Indinariri edinarcoin community.

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EDC Blockchain

Launched in 2015, EDC Blockchain describes itself as a global multi-currency platform with a built-in constructor of coins. All EDC holders are reportedly merged into masternodes (a type of fund in which users donate their coins), thereby allowing the node to mine EDC. Based on a hybrid LPoS mining algorithm and using Bitshares 2.0 Graphene protocol, EDC reportedly provides network security when implementing important functions, such as instant confirmation of transactions and network voting. The last EDC coin will be produced on January 1st, 2040. The EDC community reportedly exceeds 1 million users, while the cryptocurrency is used by people in 57 countries. EDC is actively focusing on the Southeast Asian, Latin American, and European markets.

What U can Do with EDRG

You can make a social gathering with Edinar Coin Gold, make savings together with your family, achieve what you want by saving togetherYou can make a social gathering with Edinar Coin Gold, make savings together with your family, achieve what you want by saving together.

Our Team

Inhul Hadi SE, MSi


M Thohir Lubis SE


Raja M Ali Nafiah SPd


Dedi Iswanto SS

Directur PSU

Handa Fadillah SSos

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