About EDRG


about E-dinar Coin Gold

Edinarcoin Gold (EDRG) is a Cryptocurrency created by Mr. Inhul Hadi with a team in the Indragiri E-Dinarcoin Community, through technology in the EDC Blockchain. EDC Blockchain is a platform that can be used to create cryptocurrency using bitshares 2.0 Graphene Protocol technology that makes it has high transaction speeds, low transaction costs, and secure.

EDC Blockchain is an extraordinary metamorphosis created by edinarcoin (EDC) developers. Edinarcoin, launched in 2015, has experienced ups and downs in the development of the cryptocurrency system. Experience changes and improvements from time to time and prove this coin is tough and unshakable in the world of cryptocurrency. Until finally the changes in 2019 had an extraordinary impact for all edinarcoin members in the world including in the Indinariri edinarcoin community.

The impact of changes in the progress of the EDC Blockchain system, one of which provides an opportunity for everyone to create their own coins to be developed and provide extraordinary benefits.

From the above thought, the Indinariri edinarcoin community created a coin called Edinarcoin Gold, abbreviated as EDRG, which actually gave everyone the opportunity to develop their assets in digital form.

EDRG was created as an alternative that can be used as a transaction tool, and as a long-term investment asset for its users. There have been many benefits to be gained from this coin, both in developing investments for private individuals (private mining) as well as in carrying out arisan programs (managing procurement of goods and services) or whatever the community needs.


EDRG uses Delegate Proff of Stake (DPoS) algorithm, where mining is carried out by holding a number of coins in a wallet for a certain period of time, the computer / server is active and connected to the internet and an active browser, thus allowing the mining process to take place and allowing miners to obtain coins only a maximum of 0.5% per day.

If mining through a physical computer server will require substantial capital and costs

Mining Products / Mining

EDRG is an investment asset that can be used for the short and long term.
The amount of profits obtained by coin owners participating in EDRG mining is 0.5% per day, and the growth can be obtained on an accrual basis based on the number of coins available in the wallet at the time of mining. So that the average EDRG will grow by 15% per month.